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about us

p o r c e l a i n is a family-owned business located in Huntsville Alabama. With a small staff of 12, we manufacture, bottle, and promote p o r c e l a i n. Our staff is involved with every stage of creation from selecting fragrances to pitching ad ideas. They even help test the efficacy of p o r c e l a i n and its ability to combat many different types of bathroom odor. 

p o r c e l a i n eliminates and neutralizes the odors generated while the body is expelling waste. Placing p o r c e l a i n in the toilet water before, allows our breakthrough formula to create (first) an odor barrier on the water and (second) to actively neutralize the volatile gases released in the water by the excrement. Third, our subtle fragrance helps mask and erase the gases released in the air. 

p o r c e l a i n is a bathroom product designed for use before each (and every) bowel movement. With a shake from our Gift Bottle, a spritz from our Travel Bottle, a few drops from our unique and exclusive Elemental container you protect both your olfactory senses and those of your friends and family. 

We manufacture in Huntsville Alabama and p o r c e l a i n is a product of the United States.

Our bottle filling machines and labels come from the Mid-West.
Our chemist, chemical company, website, and rubber bands come from the South. Our hand crafted display trays and our exclusive ceramic containers were created by artists in the NorthEast. 
And we ship with FedEx, which is headquartered in Tennessee.

So when you buy p o r c e l a i n, you’re not only getting the breakthrough formula to combat bathroom odor, you’re supporting dozens of other American businesses and hundreds of American families. 

Designed by an organic chemist, p o r c e l a i n is the breakthrough formula which creates an odor barrier between you and the toilet water, while actively reacting with and neutralizing the volatile gases in the water. A few shakes, a 
couple of sprays, or a small amount from the dropper are all you need to activate 
p o r c e l a i n

Most people don’t talk about their own bodily waste or want to be faced with the odor-remnants of someone else’s. p o r c e l a i n was engineered to give you a discreet solution for an indiscreet action.