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Do you charge shipping? 
Yes. We charge shipping on every order. Truly, there is no such thing as free shipping. Other companies just hide the shipping cost in the price of the product. We have an excellent relationship with FedEx and have passed on the savings to you.

What are my shipping options? 
We primarily ship using FedEx Ground. This is the least expensive FedEx option. You do have the ability to select OVERNIGHT or 2ND DAY AIR; however, you will have to pay the increased shipping cost.

How effective is p o r c e l a i n?
p o r c e l a i n was designed to combat the odor generated while the body is expelling waste. p o r c e l a i n works. This being said, there is odor and then there is odor. As we like to joke in the office: while most of us are mere mortals, there are superheroes among us. For the more heavily scented waste, we offer the GAME DAY fragrance.

My husband is a heavy hitter. Will p o r c e l a i n work for him? 
We involved a number of men who claimed to be superheroes during our test phase.p o r c e l a i n passed the test. In one instance, we even had a client say “p o r c e l a i n saved my marriage.” This being said, there may be a time whenp o r c e l a i n doesn’t completely defeat the odor.  But p o r c e l a i n will dramatically lessen the odor.

Is p o r c e l a i n safe for my septic system? 
Yes. p o r c e l a i n is biodegradable and safe for use in all septic systems.

What happens if someone ingests p o r c e l a i n
p o r c e l a i n was created for use in the toilet bowl. Please do not ingest. Do not allow children to play with its containers or contents. If ingested, please call 800-535-5053 immediately for instructions. Do not induce vomiting.

What is p o r c e l a i n
p o r c e l a i n is the breakthrough formula that fights the odors generated while the body is expelling waste.

How does p o r c e l a i n work? 
Depending on which container you have, using the preferred method, place some 
p o r c e l a i n in the toilet water before you sit down. As you proceed to use your toilet, a light fragrant scent will emerge. That’s p o r c e l a i n re-assuring you that it is working. At the same time, p o r c e l a i n is creating an odor barrier between you and the contents in the water. As your body expels waste, p o r c e l a i n is actively attacking the volatile gases that are then being released in the water. When you finish and flush your “deposit” away, all that should remain is the light fragrant scent of Simpatico, Belle, Day in the Country, or Game Day.

Where can I buy p o r c e l a i n
We sell p o r c e l a i n on our website at www.porcelainco.com and at a number of gift shops throughout the country. Please check our WHERE TO BUY section for a listing of stores.

Does p o r c e l a i n work with diarrhea? 
Yes. We tested this occurrence too (sadly with three different people over the same week). p o r c e l a i n passed this test.

Does p o r c e l a i n work with low-flow toilets? 
This question is a bit more difficult to answer. There is no YES and there is no NO. p o r c e l a i n works by defeating the odors and gases in the water. “Deposits” that sit four (4) inches or so above the water level – yeah, well, we couldn’t defeat that. We suggest lots of courtesy flushes.

How long does the fragrance last after I flush the toilet? 
We haven’t timed the long lasting nature of our p o r c e l a i n fragrances. We do know that with as little as five (5) minutes after use and as much as an hour between uses, our light fragrant scents can be detected. But for us, that was ok because we love the smells of Simpatico, Belle, Teal, Day in the Country, and Game Day.

I have a medical condition. Will p o r c e l a i n work for me? 
We have not tested p o r c e l a i n for every condition; however, each time we did test it under extreme circumstance, p o r c e l a i n passed the test.  We are delighted that many with Crohn's, Colitis, and other conditions feel that p o r c e l a i n™ impacts their lives in a positive way.

I like the fragrances. Can I use this in my diffuser? 

p o r c e l a i n was created for use in the toilet bowl. We do not recommend its use in any other manner.

How long does it take for me to receive my order? 
Most orders ship in one (1) to two (2) business days. 

Is it safe to use my credit card on your site? 
Yes. Our site is protected with an SSL Certificate and we use PayPal to process credit card orders. We take extra precautions to protect your information. Like with all web purchases, we recommend that you protect your log-in and passwords.

How many uses are in each bottle of p o r c e l a i n
Each p o r c e l a i n container offers numerous uses. 16.9 fl oz (500 ml) Refill Bottle contains over 2,500 uses. 6 fl oz (177 ml) Elemental holds over 350 uses. 1.69 fl oz (50 ml) Gift Bottle contains over 200 uses. .27 fl oz (8ml) Travel Bottle contains over 30 uses. During our testing phase we found that most people placed approximately 1/3 of a milliliter of p o r c e l a i n™ in the toilet with each use. We created it with the idea that you would use ¼ of a milliliter at a time.

Did you test on animals? 
No animals were harmed or tested in the creation of p o r c e l a i n. Husbands. Boyfriends. Older brothers. And a bunch of teenagers were tested. Some were even threatened to be sure they participated in the testing. But it was just threats.

How many fragrance options do I have with p o r c e l a i n
p o r c e l a i n is currently available in five fragrances. Simpatico, Belle, Day in the Country, Game Day, and Teal. More fragrances are currently being tested. Please check back often to see our new editions.

How can I contact your sales/operations department? 
We love to hear from our customers. Please email us at info@porcelainco.com. Or call us at 800-330-1441. We check our email daily and should respond to your questions and concerns within 1 to 2 business days.

Is p o r c e l a i n harmful to my clothes or skin? 
No. p o r c e l a i n is not harmful to your skin or clothes. This being said, please do not get p o r c e l a i n on your skin or clothes. Our light fragrances will remain in your clothes like a cologne and we do not want to be the source of friction between you and your significant other. We created p o r c e l a i n to help eliminate friction, not cause it.

What chemicals are in p o r c e l a i n
Our chemical compound is patent pending. We can’t share that information with you. However, if you are concerned about your house, your family, or your septic system, p o r c e l a i n is safe for use. We recommend that you store 
p o r c e l a i n in a safe location so that small children do not have access to it as you would with ammonia, bleach, rubbing alcohol, and even dishwashing liquid.

Do you offer p o r c e l a i n in a neutral scent? 
We are currently researching a “TRUE” neutral scent. We hope to offer it soon.

I bought my p o r c e l a i n at a gift shop. Can I return it to you?
We cannot imagine any set of circumstances where you’d want to return 
p o r c e l a i n. However, if you selected the wrong fragrance or need a larger size you will need to go back to the store where you made your original purchase.

I’m concerned about sharing my email address. I get enough spam

We ask for email addresses so that we can stay in touch with you. We will not sell or give your email address to any other company.