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In humans, stool odor is produced by the enzymatic activity of bacteria in the intestinal tract. Bacteria live synergistic in the gut and aid in the digestion of a variety of important nutrients. The odor producing metabolic products of this systemic bacteria-based enzymatic digestion include a number of low molecular weight organics such as indoles, skatole, and a variety of thiols. The principal and most volatile of these metabolic products is hydrogen sulfide gas.

p o r c e l a i n aides in the reduction of odor causing volatiles and gases released after refuse in water based toilets by creating a unique surface phenomenon (hydrophobic layer) to trap and react to the hydrogen-sulfide.

What this really means is that the odors we normally associate with bowel movements are a natural result of our body’s digestive tract doing its job. The most volatile and pungent of these odors is the hydrogen sulfide gas.

p o r c e l a i n creates a surface layer on the toilet water to trap the odors underneath, and then p o r c e l a i n actively reacts with the hydrogen sulfide and other gases in the water to neutralize it.

It’s that simple. The body produces gas and deposits it in the toilet.p o r c e l a i n neutralizes the gas in the toilet.

Try it for one week, then skip one usage. You’ll notice the difference immediately and wonder how you ever lived without p o r c e l a i n.